High-tech IoT companies that provide professional equipment
and data services for modern high-level agriculture and smart cities
Leading Chinese Intelligent Lighting Control Solution Provider
Supply a full range of product for internationally
renowned advanced indoor planting platforms
Relying on the resources of many universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, IO Idea will gather many high-quality talents with doctors and masters in various industries, of which 80% are software and hardware development engineers.
IOIDEA has six office areas: R&D area, production area, test area, simulation laboratory, storage area and public office area.
Cooperate with Lenovo in manufacturing to provide users with reliable output of high-quality precision products.
Customers comes from North American and European leading ones, and the market share of domestic users and products has continued to grow steadily year by year.
Intelligent Road Lighting System Solution
Intelligent Tunnel Light System Solution
Cooperate with the China's new infrastructure and smart city construction to
achieve the overall strategic goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality
Intelligent Plant Growth Control System
It can replicate the original growth environment of plants and achieve environmental synchronization in different places
Control, monitor, collect and alarm data such as brightness and temperature for plant growth lights (extensible sensors such as humidity, light intensity, CO2, etc.)
It can replicate the original growth environment of plants, and achieve environmental synchronization in different places, provide a better environment for the growth of high-value crops, increase yield and quality, and create high economic value
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